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Shared Ownership

Shared Ownership

In 2021, MCCD began placing an emphasis on the shared ownership end of the continuum, beginning with a landscape analysis, internal capacity building and partnership development. 

Shared ownership models, including employee ownership, cooperatives, housing and commercial land trusts, are proven to advance racial and economic justice, promote economic growth, and build wealth for BIPOC and low-wealth people and communities.

Shared Ownership Activities


Community Wealth Building bill, embedding shared ownership in DEED programs, and working with DEED to develop a cooperative resource  guide.


Provide community trainings like Developing Housing Cooperatives to support field building and further educate organizations supporting shared ownership opportunities.

Technical Assistance

MCCD’s Business Advisors provide one-on-one technical assistance for start-up or companies converting to shared ownership.


Provide low-cost, non-extractive capital opportunities through the Shared Ownership Fund for worker cooperatives, real estate investment cooperatives, and commercial land trust. 


Direct Support Professionals Employee Owned Cooperative Program in partnership with DHS provides $162,000 and technical assistance for start-up or companies converting to shared ownership. 

Workforce Development Grants for direct care professionals to develop employee-owned cooperatives

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