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MCCD works collectively to advance racial and economic justice by leveraging and stewarding community development resources

Impact & Vision


A more connected community development field with an increased focus on racial and economic justice.


Equitable access to opportunity and wealth-building for BIPOC and low-wealth communities.


Racial Justice and Intersectionality

We use an anti-racist approach to our work, make sure everyone’s identity is honored, and recognize how this lives in how we work and operate on every level.


We believe there are enough resources to fund all our good work, have conversations about opportunities, and navigate towards a solution based on what best serves the community.


We look at our role as a CDFI as stewarding capital in way that protects it and lends it for benefit of community, are in relationship with the people we provide capital to and consider mission/risk balance in our decisions.


We are accountable to the community by continuing to make sure our programs, resources, and policy efforts center Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) communities.

Mutuality & Reciprocity

We see connections between our strategic areas of our work, and focus on relationship with our stakeholders, rather than simply focusing on the transaction of money changing hands.



$200 Million

Housing infrastructure cash to help develop and preserve affordable rental housing and homeownership opportunities.

$3 Million

MCCD is piloting a $3 million Shared Ownership Loan fund in partnership with DEED. The program provides much needed capital to spur growth in the cooperative sector.

4,932 Hours

Provided technical assistance through 1:1 advising and workshops for emerging and established entrepreneurs.

$12 Million

Secured $12+ million in funding for organizations to provide technical assistance for BIPOC, immigrants, and women-owned small businesses.