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Electra Skrzydlewski

Director of Shared Ownership

Electra Skrzydlewski, the Director of Shared Ownership at the Metropolitan Consortium of Community Developers (MCCD), is devoted to utilizing shared ownership models to foster collective self-determination, promote racial and economic justice, stimulate economic growth, and generate wealth for BIPOC and low-wealth individuals and communities.

Before joining MCCD, Electra served as the Program Manager for the Cooperative Development Foundation, supervising initiatives supporting low-income and historically marginalized communities in establishing cooperatives and community land trusts, aiming to enhance social and economic conditions while fostering enduring change.

Her career has involved close collaboration with federal agencies, state and local governments, coalitions, and community organizations, engaging in policy and advocacy campaigns to drive positive societal transformations. With diverse expertise in capacity building, resource development, administration, program management, and business development, Electra remains deeply committed to exploring alternative approaches to care for communities and challenge harmful systems.