ELCD Learning & Network Series

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June 19, 2023


ELCD Learning & Network Series

The 2023 MCCD Emerging Leaders Learning and Networking Series is a comprehensive program designed to empower emerging leaders in community development with essential knowledge and skills across various topics. This series covers key areas critical to fostering sustainable and inclusive communities, providing mentees with the tools they need to make a lasting impact in their respective fields. 

Emerging BIPOC Developers Program:

  • Explore programs supporting underrepresented groups in accessing financing for community development projects. Explore strategies to overcome entry barriers to finance programs and learn about innovative approaches that can be implemented to level the playing field for emerging BIPOC developers.

Leadership & Professional Development:

  • Building strong networks and honing leadership skills are vital for effective community development. This module provides practical strategies to expand professional networks, enhance leadership abilities, and seize opportunities for personal growth and career advancement.

Community Development Policy + Creative Place-keeping:

  • Understanding the role of policy in community development is crucial. This module examines the intersection of community development and policy-keeping, equipping attendees with the knowledge to advocate for policies that promote equitable development. Additionally, the concept of creative place-keeping will be explored, emphasizing the importance of preserving and enhancing the cultural fabric of communities.