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home and community based service cooperative
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February 16, 2024


Home and Community-Based Service Cooperatives

It’s National Caregiver Day! Ever wondered what happens when caregivers come together? They develop cooperatives that are building wealth among workers and providing exceptional care for their clients!

Despite the benefits to workers, their clients, and the community, there are very few Home and Community-Based Service cooperatives in Minnesota. Our Director of Shared Ownership, Electra, has been busy expanding shared ownership opportunities to our BIPOC and underinvested communities. We are currently working with 5 worker-owned home care businesses providing financial support and technical assistance to address the unique legal, business, and organizational characteristics of cooperative and employee-owned business models!

The owners of Cardinal Comfort Care LLC embraced the worker owned model and is now thriving with a mission to create a Care Model that puts caregivers and their clients first. By offering member ownership to raise wages and offer innovative training opportunities that create competent compassionate quality care for their clients.